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Cotton Candy™ Redbud Cercis

Cotton Candy™ Redbud

Cercis canadensis 'Sjo' PP29290

Unique pale pink flowers brighten the spring landscape with touches of lavender striations covering the bare branches. Clean medium green foliage holds until turning yellow in fall. Reaches 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

Sun to Partial Shade
25 ft
15 ft
USDA Zone:
Key Features:
Fall Color
Growth Rate:
Flower Color:
Foliage Color:
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:

For new plantings
1. Dig a hole one and a half times wider than the plant's container
2. Place plant in hole, keeping the top of the root ball ground level
3. Back fill with dirt
4. Water thoroughly and then mulch around the base to conserve moisture and reduce weeds
New plantings require more frequent watering than established plants. Wind, temperature and soil are factors to consider in watering.
Feed plants in early spring and again in early fall with an all-purpose fertilizer, following label instructions.

Care Instructions
Redbud Trees thrive in full sun to partial shade and well drained soil. Water deeply once a week during the growing season. Pruning should be done after the blooms are finished in late spring to maintain its shape. Fertilize in late winter and late summer with a high phosphorus fertilizer. Mulch beneath the tree in the spring to maintain soil moisture and avoid temperature extremes. Keep an eye out for pests or diseases throughout the growing season and treat accordingly.

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