About Garden Debut®

Garden Debut® is a Superior Landscape Collection made up of Great New Plants™ and Trusted Selections™ that have been thoroughly tested for long-term performance. The Garden Debut® Collection will improve home value and create atmospheres for families and friends to enjoy!


Great New Plants™

Rigorous Garden Debut® testing procedures for new plants range from breeding, discovery, collection and propagation through
repeated cycles of research, scrupulous trialing, meticulous evaluation and finally to introduction.
These new plants may have larger flowers, longer bloom period, more colorful leaves, increased pest/disease resistance,
more vigorous growth rates or any of a host of similar desirable characteristics that guarantee success for the end consumer.


Trusted Selections™

The Garden Debut® Collection will provide consumers with a full range of landscape material, including carefully chosen
varieties that have a proven reputation for long-term performance, stability and beauty. When planning a landscape, new and
genetically improved cultivars should be used to compliment trusted, tried and true performers to create a superior
and complete display that will increase value in the home and life of the homeowner.

Garden Debut® is managed by well-known Greenleaf Nursery Company®. Greenleaf has a sterling reputation 
of environmental stewardship for 55 years and is renowned for producing and distributing outstanding plants from exemplary
production fields in Oklahoma, Texas and North Carolina.