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Recipe: Pink and Ginger Lemonade

Author: H. Bird   | August 1, 2023

Click the "Download PDF Attachment" link to download the recipe page.

Author: CM

Plant Inspo: Pink Lemonade Hibiscus


Difficulty Level: Beginner




  • Juice from ½ of Lemon
  • TBS Cherry Grenadine
  • Cold Water Ice
  • 1 TBS Grated Ginger



  1. Add lemon juice to 12oz glass
  2. Mix in cherry grenadine
  3. Fill the remainder of your glass with cold water and ice
  4. Add the grated ginger and mix until well combined


  • Garnish with fresh mint or lemon!


The resulting swirl of lemon, cherry, and ginger flavors make for a refreshing treat! An elevated take on a classic beverage that brightens our hearts and home with every sip.


Click the link below to download the recipe page.

Download PDF Attachment
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Tags Pink Lemonade Hibiscus