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ReBLOOM™ Azaleas Deliver Color in Three Seasons

Author: Briana Johnson   | September 25, 2012

Experience a remarkable new series of evergreen, disease resistant, reblooming azaleas that feature large flowers that appear in spring, then rebloom in summer, and continue blooming until hard frost. Even high summer temperatures won’t stop this beauty from producing loads of late summer and fall flowers. 

What’s more, these new azaleas offer better cold hardiness, withstanding temperatures 0 to -10 degrees F (USDA Zone 6). They also offer a wider range of distinctive colors and large, double and even triple-petal flowers that provide big landscape impact. ReBLOOM™ Azaleas stay compact due to the self-pruning nature of the continual flushes of bloom that promote branching. 

After being inspired and mentored by many notable azalea enthusiasts, breeder Bob Head began developing ReBLOOM™ Azaleas. About 15 years ago, he saw an opportunity for improvement on what was currently available in the marketplace. He started out planting 80,000 seedlings and then narrowed the selection down to about 200 plants from which these 9 were selected.

Bob explains, “The ReBLOOM ™Azaleas all have a very diverse parentage, but at least one parent that is hardy to -10 or -20 below zero. That cold hardiness was used to bring in the genetics for developing a series of azaleas that would be very cold hardy and durable in USDA hardiness zone 6b, and there may be some that display even more cold hardiness than that. The azaleas were developed under those particular parameters because of the market need for varieties that have a compact plant form or size, variations in flower color and flower form as well as a greater degree of cold hardiness.”

ReBLOOM™ Azaleas are moderate growers, reaching maturity in 10 to 12 years. They will tolerate some sun, but thrive in partial shade. They perform best in moist, fertile, highly organic and well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. Native soils higher than pH 7.0 should be amended with organic matter.


For more information on ReBLOOM™ Azaleas and other Great New Plants™ from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com.

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