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Low Maintenance Redbird™ Attracts Wildlife

Author: Briana Johnson   | November 27, 2012

Redbird™ Indian Hawthorn is a mounded, evergreen shrub with dense uniquely colored foliage. Desired primarily for it’s compact size and low maintenance, it also features burgundy-red new growth the color of a Robin’s breast that turns dark green as it matures.

Each new flush exhibits this coloring, offering interest throughout the season. Clusters of star-shaped white flowers with pink centers appear in spring and flowers are followed by blue-black berries that attract wildlife.


This Asian native was selected by plantsman Rick Crowder of Hawksridge Farms and brought to Garden Debut® by Southern Plant Group. It is an excellent shrub for foundation plantings and low hedges or borders, and can even withstand some salt spray for use on the leeward side of coastal houses.


Redbird™ Indian Hawthorn is a vigorous grower, reaching a mature size of 3 to 4 feet tall by 4 to 5 feet wide. It can withstand winter temperatures between 0 and -10 degrees F (USDA Zone 6). It will tolerate some shade, but thrives in full sun. Redbird™ prefers well-drained soil whether planted in sun or partial shade and is drought tolerance once established.


For more information on Redbird™ Indian Hawthorn and other Great New Plants™ from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com.

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