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Like a Gemstone, Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum Blazes with Color

Author: Geri Laufer   | November 6, 2012

Named for the brilliant, deep red gemstone, Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum is an ideally-sized evergreen shrub (actually “ever-red”) due to its outstanding, shiny, dark burgundy foliage. Colorful deep maroon-red leaves persist throughout the year in zones 7-11, and adds a blaze of color to the winter landscape. 

Called Chinese Fringe Flower, hundreds of garnet-red, tassel-like flowers with narrow, fringe-like petals envelop the plant in late winter through spring. Individual flowers persist for weeks and the plant is in bloom for months, beginning with sporadic flowering in fall. Honey bees appreciate the early pollen source and the flowers attract butterflies. Other common names for the genus Loropetalum include Chinese Loropetalum, Fringebush and Chinese Witch Hazel. Garnet Fire™ is a seedling selection of Loropetalum chinense ‘Zuzhou Fuchsia’  originated by Ted Stephens who is a member of the Garden Debut® consortium of breeders, growers, retailers and marketers.

The multi-faceted, luminous shrub reaches a useful 4-5 feet in height, and tolerates direct sun to partial shade for versatile landscape placement. Use as a specimen or accent plant, in the border, in front of the foundation plantings, as a container plant, for massing or as a screen. It is striking when planted next to pastel flowers, or beside yellow- or silvery- blue foliage that emphasize the burgundy foliage. Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum is a tough plant that tolerates heat, humidity, deer, rabbits and slopes.

Traditionally, garnets were popular as a talisman and protective stone believed to light up the night and protect its bearer from harm. Like its namesake, Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum lights up the garden and protects landscapes from the monotony of too many green shrubs. Anyone who loves what is pure, natural and having the deep color of garnets will be fired with enthusiasm by Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum. 


For more information about Garnet Fire™ Loropetalum and other Great New Plants™ from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com. To set-up an interview contact Briana Jones toll-free at 877-663-5053 or Briana_Jones@greenleafnursery.com.

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