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Fuchsia Glow™ Hydrangea

Author: Alicia O'Donnell   | September 10, 2013

New Fuchsia Glow™ Hydrangea is a repeat blooming hydrangea that provides glowing pink color in alkaline soils or vibrant, blue-purple blooms in acidic soils. This great new plant from Garden Debut® was selected for its prolific blooming, vibrant fuchsia bloom color and compact growth habit. 

Fuchsia Glow™ boasts more compact growth than other reblooming Hydrangeas, allowing the blooms to stand out rather than be overshadowed by foliage, while still maintaining the great features you love about reblooming Hydrangeas. Fuchsia Glow™ features an abundant summertime display of large, round fuchsia flower clusters that last until frost. These exceptional blooms emerge a lovely lime green that then turn a brilliant fuchsia pink! These blooms contrast nicely against dense, leathery green foliage that is disease and mildew-resistant.


Another excellent feature is this reblooming Hydrangea’s hardiness, withstanding temperatures between -30 degrees and -20 degrees Fahrenheit in USDA Zone 4. Fuchsia Glow™ Hydrangea enables northern gardeners to enjoy these beautiful blooms from summer to fall and prevents southern gardeners from worrying about late spring frosts or exceptionally harsh winters, which can damage more delicate Hydrangeas, leaving them with few blooms in summer.


A moderate growing shrub, Fuchsia Glow™ matures between 3 and 4 feet tall with a similar spread. It is perfect for use as an accent plant, in mass plantings and container gardens or near water gardens or ponds. Its cut flowers even make a lovely floral arrangement. Fuchsia Glow™ blooms on both old and new wood.


For more information about Fuchsia Glow™ Hydrangea and other great new plants from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com.

Statistics Chart for the Fuchsia Glow™ Hydrangea:

Plant Category:

Flowering, Deciduous Shrub

Mature Height:

3-4 feet

Mature Spread:

3-4 feet

Mature Form:

Compact, mounded habit

Growth Rate:


Sun Exposure:

Partial Sun

Soil Type:

Moist, well-drained soil


Dense, wrinkled, leathery green foliage that turns burgundy to purple in the fall.


Vibrant fuchsia pink blooms from summer to fall

Landscape Uses:

Perfect as an accent plant, in mass planting, or near water gardens or ponds

USDA Zone:

Zone 4


U.S.: Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, OK


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