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Bumper Satsuma Heavily Loaded with Orange Fruits

Author: Geri Laufer   | October 16, 2012

With Bumper Satsuma oranges from Garden Debut®, interior designers and home gardeners in cold climates can enjoy the fun of growing subtropical fruit that yields an extraordinarily generous harvest. 

The beautiful dwarf tree has glossy, dark green foliage, intensely fragrant flowers in spring and summer, and aromatic fruits that ripen to brilliant orange in winter and early spring.


Both ornamental and edible, horticulturists, landscapers and home gardeners in warmer areas can include Bumper Satsumas in gardens and landscapes, in the ground, or in large containers that are wheeled inside for winter protection.


Container-grown Bumper Satsumas grow smaller, 5-7 feet tall by about 4-6 feet wide if given optimum conditions: summering outdoors and a warm, sunny, humid location under protection each winter.


Named for its luxurious harvests or “bumper crops” of fruit, this new cultivar produces incredible loads of bright orange fruit per branch, branches loaded with fruit are weighed down to a weeping form; a real novelty. The fruits are often clumped like grapes around the branches.


The fruit taste is judged to be an intense sweet-tart flavor on a seedless, easy-peeling fruits. Bumper Satsumas are flattened globes with thin, easy-peel, “zipper skin”, and ripen in November and December. The golden orbs can remain on the tree until January or February, reaching maximum sweetness before they drop. 

For more information about Bumper Satsuma and other Great New Plants™ from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com.

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