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A Heavenly Landscape with Angel™ Altheas

Author: Briana Johnson   | October 23, 2012

An angel in the garden, these new selections of Althea are more compact and more prolific bloomers than their industry counterparts. Angel™ Altheas are medium-sized, upright, well-branched shrubs that produce an abundance of large, single flowers in late summer.

Blue Angel™ features rich blue flowers with a red eye in late summer, and though similar to the familiar Blue Bird Althea, breeder Dr. Sam McFadden says Blue Angel™ is a lighter, clearer blue and a more prolific bloomer. Blue Angel™ matures at 4 to 6 feet tall.


White Angel™ features large, creamy white flowers in late summer, and though similar to the familiar Diana Althea, breeder Dr. Sam McFadden says White Angel™ is a more prolific bloomer. White Angel™ matures at 4 to 6 feet tall.


Pink Angel™ features large, pink flowers with a red eye in late summer and has a slightly larger habit than the other two Altheas in the series. Pink Angel™ matures at 6 to 8 feet tall, but a bit of pruning in early spring will promote new growth on all 3 varieties since Angel™ Altheas bloom on new wood. Late winter pruning can also be done to keep these shrubs to a smaller size. This also will increase bloom size the following spring.


These vigorous growing plants are easy to grow and tolerate a wide variety of soil types and moistures conditions. They make a beautiful addition to any garden as an accent plant or a border. Angel™ Altheas can withstand winter temperatures of -20 degrees to -10 degrees Fahrenheit in USDA Zone 5.


For more information about Angel™ Altheas and other great new plants from Garden Debut®, visit www.gardendebut.com.


Flowering shrub


Compact, upright habit


4 to 6 feet for Blue Angel™ and White Angel™ and 6 to 8 feet for Pink Angel™


4 to 6 feet

Growth Rate

Vigorous growers, but can be pruned to promote new growth.


Sun to part shade


Moist, well-drained, soil.


Dense, leathery green foliage


Abundant summertime display of blue (or pink) flower clusters. Add lime to turn the blooms pink. Acidify the soil to intensify the blue.

Landscape Uses

Perfect for use as an accent plant, in mass plantings, or near water gardens or ponds.

USDA Zones

Zones 5 to 9


U.S.:  Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, OK


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