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Azalea Comparison Chart

Author: Alicia O'Donnell   | April 15, 2014

Download this Azalea Comparison Chart to compare the industry's leading reblooming Azaleas based on height, width, color, bloom form, hardiness zone and exposure.

Download PDF Attachment
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Tags Firebrick Fame™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24494, Pink Adoration™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24752, Red Magnificence™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24493, Cherry Pink Prestige™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24975, Purple Spectacular™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24781, Blush Elegance™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24467, Coral Amazement™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24495, White Nobility™ ReBLOOM™ Azalea PP24750